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EdTA China Young Thespian Festival is a drama festival series hosted every year by EdTA China. The Festival includes competitions based on themes, and non-competition units to enhance the learning experience of the students. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and compete against peers from all over the China who are equally passionate about drama. They will also have the chance to take part in workshops, sessions and lectures taught by theatre experts and drama education professionals to learn about the holistic subject of drama and explore their passions.

Winners in the Festival will be recommended by EdTA China to compete in Individual Events (scenes, monologues, musical solos, and small group performances) at the annual EdTA festival in the US every June. ITS members also gain points while they participate in EdTA or EdTA China festivals.

2019 EdTA Young Thespian Festival

We have celebrities, we have amazing thespians, we have brilliant ideas, and we have a professional platform for drama acting and communication.

Do you remember the marvelous drama festival we had in March 2018?

About 500 students form senior and high school all over the country who love drama

About 50 schools

11 different thematic drama workshops

12 world-class tutors in the drama workshops

27 North American Professional drama judges

3 Disney's top theatre directors

About 60 mainstream media journals published

We use professional attitude and faithful evaluation to reflect the artistic precipitation of EdTA in the past century

What kind of achievements can we offer you?

Global drama professionals sharing, discussing and interacting with you on specific topics

Special guest join the festival

Top drama thespians sharing drama experience in interactive sessions

The winning script of the playwriting competition will be presented in the finals by professional judges and actors.

You have a chance to compete for the National Drama Awards!

So, what are you waiting for? Join us in the festival ASAP, limited opportunities only!!!

Groups: Monologue, Duologue, Improv, Scene and Tech Challenge

Process:Preliminary Competition - Semi Finals - Finals - Awards Ceremony

Registration time: January-April 2019

Competition time: April 20 - April 21, 2019

Competition address: Soong Ching Ling School(No. 2 Ye Hui Road Zhao Xiang Qing Pu District Shanghai )

For more information, please pay attention to Enreach Education official WeChat accounts.

1st Young Thespian Festival

The 2014 Young Thespian Drama festival contains two different categories of activities: competition and workshops. The competition consisted of Monologue and Scene performances separated into two levels: Junior (6-8 grade years) and Senior (9-12 grade years).Last year, 120 students from 22 different school’s joined this festival.
Date: 6 December, 2014
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2nd Young Thespian Festival

The 2015 EdTA China Young Thespian Improv Festival is a major English Drama festival held by EdTA China in cooperation with ENREACH Education. Two different categories of activities are included in this festival: competition and workshops, the main focus being on improvisation.
Theme: Improv
Date: 24 May, 2015
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3rd Young Thespian Festival

Compared to our past two festivals, the 2016 Young Thespian Festival far surpassed our expectations in number of participants. Over three hundred students from 40 well-known schools in 11 cities nationwide participated in this year’s Festival. In addition to the Scene and Monologue categories, a new competition known as “Reader’s Theatre” was introduced to the competitors. 50 students were split into 4 groups and produced a short production in a matter of hours. As the competition rounds and Reader’s Theatre rehearsals were commencing, varies workshops were open throughout the day for participants and adults to participate in.

Theme: Scene | Monologue | Reader’s Theater
Date: 19 December, 2015
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4th Young Thespian Festival

In addition to “Improv” competition category, this year we induct “24 hour theatre” and “Freestyle performance” to our Young Thespian Festival. “24 hour theatre” is a competition gives you 24 hours to meet your new team members, analyze the script, learn your lines, rehearse blocking, gather props and costumes, and perform your final performance. While if you already have something prepared with your troupe members, “Freestyle theater” is the place you should come and show.

Over 126 students plus 5 troupes from all over China came to participate, and they all enjoyed learning and performance in this fabulous festival!

Theme: Improv
                  24 hour theatre
                  Freestyle theatre
Date: May 14-15, 2016
Location: Shanghai
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